Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Enjoying this luxury called 'time', (I don't really have spare time, it's all a self-imposed delusion that I don't have essays to write and I don't have multiple books to read and analyse!) I have indulged in new music. 

Youth by Daughter, and all her other songs are really quite astoundingly beautiful and sometimes chilling, but gorgeous on the ears when reading. Finding 'reading music' is actually quite difficult because you don't want something that is too upbeat and be distracting, yet if it is too subtle it gets lost or makes you unhelpfully sleepy! So besides Daughter I have also been enjoying Tracy Chapman, The Cinematic Orchestra, Of Monsters and Men, Radical Face, Noosa, Penny and Sparrow and The Oh Hello's. Here are some links to get you guys started. If you like one I'm sure you'll like them all- no surprise dubstep I promise!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

After finally getting past the last few crazy weeks at uni, I've treated myself to an afternoon of doodling and creative activities :D
Will try and replace this terrible quality photo with a better one soon :S

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


So those photos that I wanted to print. I think I've just decided how !
Moments like this are when I wish I had a place of my own where I could decorate as I pleased...
Such endless possibilities: I think these photo tiles could work really well in a kitchen, or if you were feeling very artistic you could use very small tiles and photos to create a larger mosaic picture. As I'm writing this I've realised I'm getting to that stage again where I have 'creative itches'. The last few weeks of summer resulted in one such creative splurge of activity, and being back at uni drowning in work and reading have resulted in wanting to be creative again...only I have no time to do so.

Things I've decided in the last few days I want to try and do as a result of this 'itch':
- buy a roll of magnetised sheeting with a white varnished side, draw one massive doodle on it with multiple sharpies and colours, then trim it to the size of my fridge.
- multi-tiered ombre cake
-picture tiles
-variously flavoured cake-pops (I've only ever made chocolate sponge ones), I'm talking about ones like sticky toffee or ginger cake dipped in caramel, or banana cake with dried cranberries

The list goes on really.

Thankfully, my university have finally jumped on the bandwagon and given us a reading week, hallelujah! Only a week and a half to go before I will be able to get a heavy creative session in. *little excited dance*

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hehehehe. Reminiscent of the Nicholas Cage cats

Internet is now up and running (hooray!), now we just need to get our oven fixed so I can get baking again :(

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I will soon have internet in my house i.e. this evening if I am 'man-enough' to do something technological without intervention from the other sex...

Wish me luck guys!