Saturday, 29 September 2012

Heya guys, sorry for the lack of blogs, but unfortunately our uni house has no internet and won't do for another 2 weeks, the horror and frustration of which is indescribable! Currently swapping homemade cakes for internet at friends' houses (which is working well so far), but I'm also suffering from the absence of a sewing machine and fabric. In the meantime though I can provide a new top five songs for this month which I am currently listening to in Cafe Nero (hence having internet).

1. Welcome Home, by Radical Face
2. Walk on By, by Noosa
3. Creature, by Penny and Sparrow
4. Dirty Paws, by Of Monsters and Men
5. Hello my Old Heart, by The Oh Hello's

And pretty much anything by Fat Freddy's Drop or Jack Savoretti who will both always have a place in my musical heart :)

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